Edward Tuckwell: Danger In Arcadia (detail)

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Illustration: We catch up with killer illustrator Edward Tuckwell to peruse his new portfolio

I was under the impression that we’d last featured Edward Tuckwell’s portfolio a few months back, but it turns out it’s been a year and half since we last checked in with the former Falmouth illustrator. Time flies eh? Even though the months have flown by, Ed’s work has remained fantastically consistent; still maintaining those film noir sensibilities and a crisp, angular approach to image-making. What has changed however is Ed’s embracing of colour (he used to be so monochrome) and the expanding of his visual language into something that feels more malleable; clients could definitely hire this guy and be confident that his work would feel tailored to them. And they already have, with commissions in the bag for the likes of Wired, The Church of London and Short List. Nice work!


Edward Tuckwell: Uncommon Valor


Edward Tuckwell: Brief Encounter


Edward Tuckwell: The Man Who


Edward Tuckwell: Medical Broker


Edward Tuckwell: Wired


Edward Tuckwell: Danger In Arcadia