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What if scarfs were breasts? Eisprung’s enjoyably silly and well-crafted animation

“Veronica had the idea for the film when she was wearing a scarf and wondered what it would be like if it was long breasts,” says animation collective Eisprung on their surreal and brilliant short, Ivan’s Need.

Animator Veronica L. Montano’s initial idea developed over an eighth month period, starting with sketchbook drawings before her collaborators Manuela Leuenberger and Lukas Suter became “curious if a character with such unusual shapes could still be sensual”.

Obviously, a film where breasts are the main source of inspiration has a sexual tone, but the collective’s use of a candy-coloured colour palette and humour has created a short that is enjoyably silly, rather than crude.

It begins with Ivan, a character “obsessed with the incredible softness of the dough,” represented by rippling illustrations and sound design that displays a satisfyingly squishy texture. “When kneading, he gets lost in intensive daydreams, not accepting that sooner or later the master baker will turn every wonderfully elastic dough into horribly crispy bread," explains the studio. “Until he sees Alva’s looooong breasts,” leading the storyline down a slightly odd path.

Created in 2015 but only just released, the film has already gained 30 accolades of student selections, awards, and special mentions globally. The warped narrative of Ivan’s Need is definitely one you wouldn’t have seen before using an accomplished animation style to create well-crafted silliness.


Eisprung: Ivan’s Need


Eisprung: Ivan’s Need


Eisprung: Ivan’s Need


Eisprung: Ivan’s Need