Elana Schlanker: Michael Rubenstein Promo

Work / Graphic Design

Soak up Elana Schlenker’s simplistic and fantastic graphic design

In a world so cluttered with chaos, sometimes a little bit of simplicity does us all a bit of good. Luckily that’s exactly what graphic designer Elana Schlanker does best and with her portfolio practically bursting at the seams with stripped back, clever designs, it is clear that she is an exceptionally talented lady.

With her projects ranging from paper aeroplane invitations to beautiful envelopes and sleek business cards and all coming complete with her distinctive use of bold typography and big, bright colours, it doesn’t really take a genius to work out just why we are so bowled over with Elana’s beautiful portfolio.

However not content with just working for other people and formerly being an art director at Conde Nast together with her self-confessed love of magazine-making, it probably comes as no surprise that Elana also publishes Gratuitous Type which in her own words can best be described as “a pamphlet of typographic smut.” Beautifully designed and continuing with her approach throughout, it’s seems that Elana’s talent and clear eye for design does not show many bounds.


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Elana Schlanker: Michael Rubenstein Promo


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