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Anya Lawrence

Anya joined us as an editorial intern straight from Cardiff University and wrote for the site between August and October 2012.

  1. List Things Earwax, animal posters, magazines and a Frieze family guide looking fancy, yup things is here!
  2. List-3 Publication Hurrah sign painting lives on and this new book documents it perfectly!
  3. Alex-list Art Alex Russell Flint's paintings are the perfect mix of modernity and tradition
  4. List2 Photography Ed Phillips' photographs will make you see hedges in a whole new light
  5. David-list Photography David Stewart photographs women's relationship with food in a wonderfully bizarre way
  6. 5 Photography Adrià Cañameras photographs Agustí Villaronga with a distinct air of cool!
  7. Crop-p Illustration Hold the phone! Amazing new updates from illustrator Patrick Leger
  8. List Graphic Design Design by St and The Times come together for stunning new Olympic publication
  9. List Graphic Design Make way for TM Research's mighty archive of typography journal covers!
  10. Things-list Things Things brings us giant posters, zines, postcards, drawings and some stunning binding.. oooh!!
  11. List-tiem Photography Tim Walker's dreamy, trippy, fantasy-filled photography is a real Friday treat
  12. List Photography Elisa Noguera Lopez photographs furry creatures on homely plinths and makes them look amazing
  13. Lotus Film Church + techno = Studio Roosegaarde's mindblowing Lotus Dome installation
  14. List-print Product Design A printer with felt tips instead of ink: behold the mighty Penjet!
  15. List Photography Phyllis Galembo's stunning tribal photographs are finally on the move!
  16. List-book Graphic Design If short stories and graphic design float your boat then check out The Penguin Plays Rough
  17. List2 Illustration Illustrating life's gloomy side perfectly, Keith Negley's illustrations are beautiful
  18. List Art Soak up the saturated Californian sunshine in Jen Garrido's fancy oil paintings!
  19. List Sculpture 1,664 reused yoghurt pots + bucket loads of creativity = stunning light installation
  20. List1 Photography David Bailey photographs young talents taking Frieze by storm for Mr Porter
  21. List-jugs Animation These five second animations collated by Animade are pithy and hilarious
  22. List-jody Photography Jody Rogac's stunning portraits makes the effortlessly cool look even cooler
  23. List-things Things Things is here and with photography, patriotism and illustration galore – it is a mightily fine odd bunch!
  24. List Photography Giles Price's stunning photographs of the Olympics mid-construction are must-see
  25. List Art Enter a rainstorm without getting wet – Rain Room is truly incredible
  26. List-men Photography Photographing the fashionistas of the early 1900s – Tom Phillips' new book is fantastic
  27. List Fashion Doey Luthi's illustrative costume designs give Julius Caesar the perfect modern twist
  28. List-nike Miscellaneous Brinkworth transforms Nike's Westway skatepark into something special
  29. List-cardiff Publication Maciej Dakowicz captures Cardiff's drunken debauchery beautifully
  30. Ghost-list Architecture Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus' Gue(ho)st House is an architectural dream
  31. Dean-list Photography Photographing the music industry's finest - Dean Chalkley's drowning us in coolness
  32. List-k Illustration Enjoy a dip into the colourful, beautiful world of Kustaa Saksi's illustration
  33. Home Architecture Oh wow! Michael Beitz turns everyday furniture into sculptural masterpieces
  34. Things-list Things Things is here and with T-shirts, catalogues, magazines and a whole load more she's looking as dazzling as ever!
  35. Andrelist Photography Andre Ermolaev captures Iceland's natural beauty in tremendous style
  36. Mmmain Photography Massimo Listri finds tranquility in documenting empty museums and palaces
  37. List Illustration JooHee Yoon uses traditional printmaking techniques to create beautiful illustrations
  38. List-jang Photography Michael Jang captures the wannabe 1980s weather presenters in glorious style
  39. List-jh Graphic Design Making book covers look fancy – Julian Montague's designs are stunning
  40. List-dan Graphic Design Daniel Peter designs posters with beautiful flair and sophistication
  41. Es-list Photography Ewen Spencer's Open Mic series beautifully captures the UK hip-hop scene
  42. List Art Inge Jacobsen gives Beyonce a woollen make-over with her beautiful embroidery
  43. Img_2655 Things Look it's this week's Things – zines, papers, prints, posters and one really cool magazine
  44. List-fb Product Design Fulvio Bonavia makes cauliflower bobble hats and watermelon helmets. Cool!
  45. List-jd Photography John Delaney photographs soup kitchen volunteers with stunning poignancy
  46. List-dezeen Art LDF 2012: Dezeen's Seven Dials project takes elevated art to a whole new level
  47. Es4 Graphic Design Soak up Elana Schlenker's simplistic and fantastic graphic design
  48. List-koen Illustration Illustration, typography and drawing: Koen Taselaar is a creative mastermind
  49. List Fashion Daniella Benedetti shoots Pigalles' latest collection in a beautifully creative way
  50. List-sj Film Beautiful visuals in St John Ambulance's harrowing new advert courtesy of BBH
  51. List-image Illustration Yosuke Yamaguchi stands out from the crowd with delicate, dreamy illustrations
  52. List-christy Photography Plunging into the Hawaiian waters – Christy Rogers photographs it perfectly
  53. Beach-list Photography Benoit Paillé captures holiday-makers in Mexico in all their beach finery
  54. List Things Things takes centre stage once again with zines, magazines graphics and finger printing
  55. Llist Art Elena Johnston's colourful collages are simple and tremendous
  56. List Photography Naked people running in the Sahara, Jim Mangan photographs it beautifully
  57. Ak-list Photography Alexander Kent makes the strange-sounding unbelievably cool-looking
  58. List-sm Illustration Let Sarah Mazzetti blow you away with her beautiful illustrative posters
  59. List-sm Illustration Gorillas in green suits – how can you not love illustrator Séverin Millet?
  60. List-water-towers Photography Jamie Young's stunning photographs document the water towers of Ireland
  61. Elena-list Illustration Elena Xausa's jolly illustrations will sort you right out this morning
  62. Ross-list Graphic Design Ross Proulx spoils us with his beautiful gig poster designs
  63. Ramon-list Introducing... Introducing...The photographic delights of Ramon Haindl
  64. Adamhayes-plates-of-food-1-list Illustration Illustrator Mr A Hayes has a portfolio that belies that serious title
  65. Things-list Things Things is here again – fashion, children's pockets, handmade records and sport courts
  66. List-movement-cafe Architecture Like your coffee with storytelling and great architecture? The Movement Cafe's for you
  67. Carpoolers-list Photography Carpooling the Mexican way – photographer Alejandro Cartagena documents it beautifully
  68. List-mia Introducing... Introducing…Mia Christopher's perfect sketchbooks, nail polish and lots of glitter
  69. List-design Exhibition Meet the Design Museum's mega-talented 2012 Designers in Residence
  70. Design-list Exhibition Stunning new Design Museum show explores the future of digital memories
  71. Things-list Things Things – a new novel, a mouse-based adventure and a new approach to cleaning
  72. List-yuko Illustration Yuko Michishita takes you through the A to Z of Iran in a refreshingly beautiful way
  73. Jed-list Art Traditional Japanese woodblock carvings give Nintendo a newfound gravitas
  74. Favre-list Illustration New updates from Malika Favre as she continues to wow the world
  75. Flying-houses-5 Photography Laurent Chehere makes houses fly in his seriously believable photographs
  76. Dc-list Art Food and objects come together in Dan Cretu's bonkers, brilliant work
  77. List- Film Videos, artists, interviews and lots of craft – Those Who Make is brilliant
  78. West-way-list Photography Photographer David Sopronyi makes the concrete world of the Westway beautiful
  79. Rolling-masterplan-list Architecture A city on wheels? Architect Jägnefält Milton has to be a genius
  80. Apglist Photography Jean-Paul Goude's legendary photographs inject a bit of humour into fashion