Eleanor Davis: Comics (detail)

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Come and envy the incredible talents of illustrator Eleanor Davis

Eleanor Davis has more illustrative skill than most people would know what to do with. The American creative spends her days, nights, and probably all the time in between producing a staggering volume of comics, editorial illustration and children’s work, not to mention a healthy dose of personal work (what the hell else are you supposed to do with all that talent?) in all sorts of media.

We’ve featured some of her watercolours on the site before, but that simply doesn’t do justice to Eleanor’s enviable skill. Her talents extend from paint and ink to modern techniques using computers and stylus, and her subject matter isn’t to be sniffed at either. At once morbidly funny and cripplingly sad, Eleanor has a gift for making you want to laugh and cry in quick succession by chopping between whimsical sketches and characters on the verge of nervous breakdown. But then life is unpredictable that way, and Eleanor is nothing if not a gifted scribe of the everyday.


Eleanor Davis: Anxiety: My Monster, My Self


Eleanor Davis: Comics


Eleanor Davis: Comics


Eleanor Davis: In Our Eden


Eleanor Davis: In Our Eden


Eleanor Davis: The Emotion Room


Eleanor Davis: The Emotion Room


Eleanor Davis: Talk To Me, Not To My Daughter