Work / Set Design

Mesmerising and superbly formed set design from Elise

Like the Cher of the set design world, Elise needs just the one name. That quiet confidence may seem arrogant, but that’s until you see the work and it’s beautiful pastel shades of otherworldly brilliance. We assumed at first they were computer generated renders, but lo, they are in fact carefully constructed sculptures that have been commissioned for clients including The New York Times Magazine and Wallpaper*. Another sublime characteristic of Elise’s work is in its ability to appear at once digital and organic, as forms curve around one another. This is most apparent in Pink Love, which Elise describes as boasting “pink curvaceousness.” She adds: “Its fleshy corporeal forms press and push against the edges of its circular plinth; both plinth and final photograph of the work questioning the boundaries of its sculptural space.”


Elise: Hubble Bubble


Elise: Pink Love


Elise: Pink Love


Elise: Trailing Bloom


Elise: New York Times Magazine