Erin Fostel: Rumble over Baltimore. Charcoal and graphite on paper. 54 × 85 in.

Work / Art

Robot Wars! Erin Fostel’s photorealistic drawings take us off to lands of make-believe

Do you remember when empty carboard boxes were basically the best thing ever? When they could be boats or cars or spaceships or televisions and you could shuffle around for hours in all their corrugated glory? Well, Erin Fostel does, and she throws a dress-up box into the mix and takes us off to lands inhabited by dinosaurs and fighter-robots. A graduate of drawing and art history, she makes incredibly photorealistic drawings using just charcoal and paper, and appears to be inspired by a nostalgic look at mid-twentieth century North American visual culture – with warplanes, fairy-tales, and the Wild Wild West all getting a beautifully rendered look in.


Erin Fostel: Cowboy and Indian. Charcoal on paper. 35 × 42 in.


Erin Fostel: Cinderella. Charcoal on paper. 66 × 42 in.


Erin Fostel: Gale Force. Charcoal on paper. 21 × 52 in.


Erin Fostel: Delirium. Charcoal on paper. 27 × 35 in.


Erin Fostel: Airplane Girls. Charcoal on paper. 42 × 35 in.


Erin Fostel: Morning Light. Charcoal on paper. 38 × 52 in.