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Catherine Gaffney

Catherine joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Trinity College Dublin and Central Saint Martins. She wrote for the site between June and August 2012.

  1. Palefroi-list-maybe Graphic Design Graphic greatness and beautiful books by Berlin-based Palefroi
  2. Thingsmain Things This week, we're talking bird-bingo, tarot cards, festive portraiture, pop-tastic zines, _and_ wonderful illustration
  3. Lisa-kereszi-list Art Photographer Lisa Kereszi's strips away the artifice of enjoyment in her quietly dazzling work
  4. 3d-printing-list-maybe Product Design We've seen the future and it's 3D printed houses we'd wager. Cool!
  5. Tang-yau-hoong-list Graphic Design Tang Yau Hoong's work is an interplay of light, space, fiction and reality
  6. Real-or-virtual-columbia-list Architecture Woah! Columbia University' 3D architectural panoramas will blow your mind
  7. Swimming-1 Art All going swimmingly – Terada Mokei's sporty sculptures make a splash
  8. Cut-the-world-list-again Music Marina Abramović and Willem Dafoe in Antony and the Johnson's gruesome new video
  9. Things-list-aug Things This week's Things brings us tote bags of city-guides, photography, and literature – yessss!
  10. London-2012-list Designing London 2012 Designing London 2012: The graphic elements – medals, typefaces, tickets, and THAT palette
  11. Patrick-dougherty-list Architecture Tree forts: the wonderful dreamlike weavings of Patrick Dougherty
  12. Crosson-clarke-carnachan-hut-on-sleds-list Architecture An interview with Crosson Clarke Carnachan about their beach hut attached to sled rollers
  13. Swayspace-list Graphic Design Swayspace have been Vandercooking up a storm and yes, we're swayed
  14. Things-list Things This week Things makes you look dapper, schools you in geography and shows of some grads
  15. Earth-as-art-list Art Paint or plankton? NASA's Earth as Art images are pretty mindblowing
  16. Aleksandra-mir-list Exhibition Going for gold: Aleksandra Mir investigates our relationship with the trophy
  17. Peter-crawley-list Graphic Design Peter Crawley's Order Chaos brings us stitch-tastic textual tangles
  18. Guy-pascal-vallez-list-maybe-also Art Enter the dusky, cloaked worlds of illustrator Guy-Pascal Vallez – aka GAX
  19. L%c3%a9o-caillard-list Architecture Fun, sea and sand – Léo Caillard's lifesaving Miami beach huts are a delight
  20. Things-list Things Things brings us antennae, Swiss climbing walls, odor-tastic magazines, a beautiful selection of photography, and the many faces of Bart Simpson
  21. Escif-list Art Wonderwalls: Valencia street artist Escif's been adorning crumbling surfaces with his inky figures
  22. Sameer-kulavoor-list Graphic Design Illustrator Sameer Kulavoor brings Bombay's bicycles to life with real flair and vitality
  23. Kristiina-lahde-list Art Mix-tape: Kristiina Lahde refreshes centimetres and inches with her wonderful work
  24. Fpe-gary-webb-list Art SWEET! Frieze Projects East brings a confection of public sculpture to east London
  25. Nick-sheehy-other-list Art For the birds: enter the fantastical feathered worlds of Nick Sheehy (aka Showchicken)
  26. Dixon-baxi-list Graphic Design This is "Y": We interview DixonBaxi about rebranding UKTV Yesterday
  27. Things-list Things Things this week is all manner of graduate publications!
  28. The-weather-yesterday-list Graphic Design Troika's The Weather Yesterday installation takes on a national pastime
  29. Astrid-stavro-list Graphic Design Astrid Stavro Studio and Grafica bring in the goods with work for Son Brusque
  30. Deutche-borse-list Exhibition Deutsche Börse Photography prize 2012: Lights, wastelands, the Cold War, and golden-era Hollywood
  31. Maggie-li-list Illustration Bask in the work of Maggie Li, she can illustrate everything under the sun
  32. Sohei-nishino-list Art Wanderlust - Sohei Nishino's multi-photo maps show us the way
  33. Nest-list Graphic Design Jean Jullien's Nest is eggs-cellent and all other egg puns rolled into one
  34. Yelena-bryksenkova-list Art Yelena Bryksenkova's illustrations are pure pen and watercolour magic
  35. Basket-tree-list Product Design Branching out - A/LTA Architects' Basketball Tree is a real winner
  36. Luke-fenech-list Graphic Design The clean compositions of Luke Fenech's graphic design appeals to all the senses
  37. Antony-zinonos Graphic Design The awesome collage illustration of Antony Zinonos is a fine, fun thing
  38. Things-list Product Design A bike-happy, tasty reindeer of a Things feature - with some stickers thrown in for good measure
  39. Letra Graphic Design Letra, aka Marco Balesteros, makes game play of graphics to great effect
  40. A-thousand-reasons Animation A Thousand Reasons: Daniel Britt's beautiful origami cranes battle the bombs
  41. Michael-schoner Product Design We speak to Michael Schoner about the mini-architecture of his Z Steps
  42. Erin-fostel-list Art Robot Wars! Erin Fostel's photorealistic drawings take us off to lands of make-believe
  43. Kiji Art Immerse yourself in Keiji Shinohara's beautifully woodblock printed (yes!) landscapes
  44. Luc-melanson-other-list-possibly Illustration Someone give illustration champion Luc Melanson a medal! This is great!
  45. Jacob-hashimoto-list Art Jacob Hashimoto's high-flying installation is a real wonder at the Ronchini Gallery
  46. Kumi-yamashita-1 Art Shadowlands: Kumi Yamashita shows us the wonders of cast light and form
  47. Gallery-of-lost-art-lead Interactive Disappear into the Tate's fascinating vault-like Gallery of Lost Art
  48. Chrisoph-sillem-1 Photography How bizarre! Christoph Sillem's intriguing shots of a cartoon-like town
  49. Wendy-list Architecture Star Sites - The Finalists and Winner of MoMA PS1's Young Architects Program 2012
  50. Things-hero Things Things - We're waxing lyrical about balloons, vinyl, and some truly awesome illustration
  51. Robin-chevalier-1 Graphic Design Holy guacamole! Illustrator Robin Chevalier sure is super
  52. Catarina-botelho-1 Photography Photographer Catarina Botelho composes beautiful, thought-provoking images
  53. Edvard-munch-3 Exhibition Edvard Munch at Tate Modern (or the man who launched a thousand profile photos)
  54. Mark-wallinger-1 Exhibition Checkmate! Mark Wallinger's new show at The BALTIC is bafflingly brilliant
  55. Things-list Uncategorized Things – illustrated rhyming slang, architectural delights and food all around
  56. List Architecture Cherubino Gambardella's structural illustrations are a real treat
  57. Zoran-pungercar-list Graphic Design Slovenian designer Zoran Pungerčar gives us festival fever with his posters
  58. Till-hafenbrak-1 Graphic Design Cheers to Till Hafenbrak for some truly captivating illustrations
  59. Mvm-1 Graphic Design Great new site/work from graphic designer Magnus Voll Mathiassen aka MVM
  60. Julie-chen-1 Graphic Design Beautifully reimagining the book both textually and visually is Julie Chen
  61. Owen-gatley-1 Graphic Design The Great Gatley - More beautiful illustrations from Owen Gatley
  62. Chris-keegan-1 Graphic Design Spaced! Chris Keegan's cloud-spotting pareidolic pursuits goes intergalactic
  63. Fred-tomaselli-list Art Fred Tomaselli's huge explosions of colour and detail will boggle your mind, guaranteed
  64. Calef-brown-1 Illustration Come and be charmed by illustrator Calef Brown – a real eclectic elephant
  65. Chris-pell Graphic Design Magical mystery tour of Chris Pell's line-drawn fantasy worlds
  66. Mia-pearlman-1 Art Clouded house – Mia Pearlman's paper wisdom looks amazing
  67. Creature-comfort-fred-rowson Music Creature Comfort – Fred Rowson's new video for Police Dog Hogan's World Enough
  68. Things-list Things Things is here – lounging with hip LA kids, learning how to make beer and loving new YCN mag
  69. Jenny-griggs-1- Graphic Design Cut and Paste-tastic – Leaf through Jenny Grigg's paper illustrations
  70. Andy-baker-society-all-that-we_ve-become Music Andy Baker's awesome black and white animation for new Society single
  71. Julie-mehretu-4 Art Swept away by the careering colour-rich compositions of Julie Mehretu
  72. Erwin-wurm-one-minute-sculptures-3 Sculpture Just a minute! Erwin Wurm's One Minute Sculptures on show in Liverpool
  73. Julien-pacaud-1 Illustration Julien Pacaud and his collaged multi-era "perpendicular dreams"
  74. Christian-montenegro-un-artista-del-trapecio-list Illustration Christian Montenegro's awesome Kafka illustrations will have you swinging from the rafters
  75. Ball-nogues-yucca-crater Architecture Ball-Nogues' pooled resources for a temporary splash with Yucca Crater
  76. Rainer-kohlberger-detail Interactive It's raining algorithms in digital designer Rainer Kohlberger's world