Eva O’Leary: Puzzle, 2012

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Photography: Eva O’Leary’s beautiful, strange images capture our imagination

Alongside Harry Griffin, Eva O’Leary is one half of photographic duo Two States, whose war enactment project Devils Den had us stunned and delighted back in December. As we’ve just discovered though, Eva has some brilliant work of her own, too. Her portfolio is full of images which, through her lens, seem ever so slightly more extraordinary. From a man in a dressing gown and wellies sipping nonchalantly from a red mug as though the deep, mysterious blue forest he’s standing in is perfectly normal, to a pair of outstretched arms hugging the wall space between two windows; everything looks just a little bit surreal. Her photographs have an intense depth to them that’s not often found in portraiture, and frankly, we can’t stop staring.


Eva O’Leary: Untitled, 2012


Eva O’Leary: Untitled, 2014


Eva O’Leary: Untitled, 2012


Eva O’Leary: Untitled, 2012


Eva O’Leary: Untitled, 2014


Eva O’Leary: Helen, 2013


Eva O’Leary: Paul 2014


Eva O’Leary: Puzzle 2012