Evan Robarts: Untitled, Sticks

Work / Sculpture

Bright, bold and beautiful – Evan Robarts transforms broken rubbish into engaging sculptural forms

I make no secret of the fact that I’m perplexed by sculpture; I appreciate it aesthetically but often struggle to take away any of the conceptual ideas it purports to discuss. Maybe I’m a philistine but more often than not I’m just happy to stand and stare at objects that transcend the boundaries of organic and manmade and appeal directly to my senses.

With that in mind allow me to introduce you to a sculptor whose work I appreciate for all the most basic reasons. Evan Robarts is a Florida native residing in Brooklyn who produces some of the most striking and enjoyable 3D objects I’ve seen in a long time. Taking found objects and manipulating them in any number of ways, Evan produces work that’s deeply aesthetically pleasing. There’s the contorted brooms and mops, the elastic bands and gas canisters and (my personal favourite) the enmeshed bike frames; all of which are structurally remarkable and beautiful to look at.

I may have missed the point of his work entirely, but who cares, I enjoy it unreservedly.


Evan Robarts: Untitled, Sticks


Evan Robarts: Untitled, Sticks


Evan Robarts: View of Molecule #5a


Evan Robarts: View of Molecule #5a


Evan Robarts: Maturation


Evan Robarts: Molecule #1b


Evan Robarts: Molecule #3a