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Events: Fancy a two day course on Java Script or Data Visualisation? Steer’s got it covered

You might have endured a slow, hot afternoon in university learning code at in a way that didn’t seem to make much sensebut turns out it’s very important in this day and age. Did you see that appeal that the big dogs like Bill Gates and Facebook put out a few weeks back? The world needs coders! And not just people who can make websites either, the world need people who can make a website run properly and look very well-designed indeed. Steer has just launched a new series of two day courses for designers to learn how to make their (online) dreams a reality.

It’s Nice That director Will Hudson recently went on one of the Steer courses and he can vouch for their success in introducing newbies to the world of coding, but these upcoming courses are aimed at people with the basics already covered.

The new Learn Javascript & jQuery course will run on Thursday August 22 and Friday August 23 and the Learn Data Visualisation runs August 29-30. These are the first intermediate level course that Steer have run and co-founder Rik Lomas said: “We get lots of designers on our Front End Web Development course and we wanted to offer something a little more advanced for people who already know HTML and CSS. For designers, Javascript is a really important skill to have because most websites are using it nowadays and when you know how something works, you become better at designing for it.”

So what are you waiting for? See you in class.