Lennard Kok & Gino Bud Holting: Exquisite Corpse (detail)

Work / Exhibition

Dutch group show makes prints from the surrealists’ exquisite corps technique

I’ll be honest and say that usually when I see the words “exquisite corps” in relation to a creative project, I immediately lose interest. So often this collaborative idea – used by the surrealists as a liberating drawing exercise – is used without imagination or flair. But a current exhibition at Walls Gallery in Amsterdam looks like a fantastic exception to my rule.

Dutch illustrator Antigoon was invited by the gallery to choose ten of his favourite illustrators to produce five collaborative prints – one artist working on the top half, the other creating the bottom. In true surrealist style the results of these experiments are extremely unusual; in one an artist at work morphs into a series of childish objects; in another a staircase is attached to a woman’s torso. The final prints have been risographed in blue and red, giving the entire project a sense of cohesion and a slick finished result.

Exquisite Corpse runs at Walls Gallery in Amsterdam until 24 August.


Aron Velekoop Leon & Hedof: Exquisite Corpse


Freshco & Antigoon: Exquisite Corpse


Joren Joshua & Lisa Welsfelt: Exquisite Corpse


Nick Liefhebber & Olivier Vrancken: Exquisite Corpse


Lennard Kok & Gino Bud Holting: Exquisite Corpse