Bráulio Amado and BFGF create original prints for Extra Nice Founding Supporters

Sign up for Extra Nice before 31 December 2020 and you’ll become a Founding Supporter, getting your hands on one of these artworks embodying creative community and inspiration.

12 November 2020
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Earlier this month, we launched Extra Nice, a new way to support creativity in yourself, the wider community and in It’s Nice That as well. Extra Nice offers a new way to explore our archive image-first through Extra Search; a new fund focused on increasing diversity in the creative industry; and a host of other perks, including tickets to our monthly event Nicer Tuesdays Online.

On top of all this, though, anyone who signs up before 31 December 2020 will become an Extra Nice Founding Supporter and so will be able to get their hands on an original high-quality print, designed by either Bráulio Amado or Lilian Martinez (otherwise known as BFGF). We commissioned these two artists to each create a thank-you gift, and we hope these prints will sit proudly in the homes of our Founding Supporters as a reminder of creative possibility.


Extra Nice: Bráulio Amado print for Founding Supporters

Bráulio Amado

Bráulio’s design in particular champions the power of creativity. Wanting to create a symbolic print of creatives coming together, he tell us: “I wanted to draw something that meant community, so a group of eyes held by this huge smiley mouth seemed to do the job.” The final artwork is a square-shaped poster that’s fizzing with energy in the designer and illustrator’s signature bold style. “I see the final outcome as an orgy of happiness,” he says. A piece that would be an eye-catching addition to any room, Bráulio’s advice for his design is to place it “maybe somewhere near a computer,” he says. “So you can remember that things are more fun when you collaborate with others.”


Extra Nice: BFGF print for Founding Supporters


Lilian Martinez, whose work can be found under her creative moniker BFGF, has long been admired by artists and illustrators alike. Often pulling together various references, from Matisse-style female figures, sports, nods to nature, even The Simpsons, her pieces are available as paintings, pillows, throws and even a custom-designed chair. Her Extra Nice print pulls upon each of these references in her sweet illustrated approach, producing a print that is instantly recognisable as a BFGF creation. Lilian’s original artwork speaks of creative possibilities just like Bráulio’s and is a print we can imagine turning to for a sense of calm when in a creative rut.

Extra Nice Founding Supporters will be offered the choice between these two prints after they have signed up for Extra Nice, which you can do here. Both artworks are litho printed on G.F Smith paper specially chosen by our creative team, and measure 500x500mm.

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