Wojciech Fangor: from Colour-Light-Space show, detail

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Stunning Polish Op-art works created in isolation finally celebrated

The bright, woozy haze of Wojciech Fangor’s psychedelic paintings is mesmerising. It’s even more so having learnt that the Polish artist, who worked during the 1960s, created these Op art masterpieces entirely in isolation, working in Eastern Europe having not seen the similar works being created in America and Europe by the likes of Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. As such, while the images feel familiar; there’s also something exotic about them, pulsing with light created using intensely coloured oil paint applied in thin layers. A new show named Colour-Light-Space opens next month at London’s 3 Grafton Street gallery, and will display a number of works by Wojciech from the 1960s and 1970s that demonstrate his mastery of all three words in the title. It’s fascinating to think of the artist working on these beautiful optical illusions and explorations of the power of painting well before similar works were created elsewhere in the world, and it’s great to have his work celebrated in the way it deserves.


Wojciech Fangor: M13, 1970


Wojciech Fangor: E3, 1965


Wojciech Fangor: from Colour-Light-Space show


Wojciech Fangor: H35, 1963


Wojciech Fangor: M37, 1967


Wojciech Fangor: from Colour-Light-Space show