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Felix Treadwell intermixes comical characters within fine art

Artist Felix Treadwell has a knack for incorporating comical characters into fine art. His “huge inflatable figures and canvases use cartoonish humour to amplify the little events of daily interactions”.

Living and working in London, Felix graduated from Camberwell College of Arts painting course back in 2015. Last year, he joined the master’s course in painting at the Royal College of Art. Still a participant of the degree, Felix’s paintings in the recent work in progress show explored “narratives through the perspective of Rupert, an adolescent boy growing up in a suburban town,” the artist explains. Through these works Felix looks at “notions of vulnerability and conformity in youth growing up today”.

The narrative in Felix’s work explores day-to-day notions, popping to the off license to pick up a pack of cigarettes, meeting new friends, each adding a slightly surreal element, such as interacting with flamingo-like birds. It is exciting to see an emerging artist intermix the accessibility of comics within a fine art setting.


Felix Treadwell: Head Sculpture


Felix Treadwell: Nightowl


Felix Treadwell: Nose Bump


Felix Treadwell: Rupert Encounters Bird


Felix Treadwell: Rupert Head