Fickle Fate: The Bride

Work / Illustration

Like your illustration with a dash of the absurd? So does Timothy Hunt

Sometimes it’s good to be serious. If nobody were serious then we wouldn’t have things like science, the automotive industry and intellectual debate – all of which are exceptionally important. Equally it’s good not to be serious, in fact sometimes it’s great to be downright daft. And if you’re in the mood for daftness then allow Timothy Hunt (professionally known as Fickle Fate) to guide you through a state of being with which he’s well acquainted.

Timothy’s illustration is exuberant in its playfulness, created from primitively drawn characters in primary-coloured environments, and is equally suited to children and adults with a penchant for the absurd. His world is like a rainbow-coloured medieval England – men defecate on each other’s heads from on high (not a problem it’s a multi-coloured stool) and there’s a common complaint of having goo in one’s shoe. If none of this madness is to your tastes then we recommend a career in science, where literally no one poops rainbows.


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