The best product design in the movies, chosen by the co-founder of Form

6 March 2015

Film and furniture go together like peas and carrots, like Thelma and Louise, like Amelie and a creme brûlée. To honour this, Paula Benson (co-founder of design agency Form) created the site Film and Furniture, billed as a “lovingly curated resource directing you where to find the décor, art and furniture you spot in your favourite films.”

Paula has kindly picked out her five favourite pieces of furniture from film for us. Enjoy!


Djinn chairs in Space Station 5 lobby, 2001 A Space Odyssey
Warner-Bros, Metro Goldwyn Mayer

1. The Djinn Chair

Whose jaw could fail to drop the first time you set eyes on those playful yet functional red Djinn chairs as Dr Floyd enters the Hilton lobby of Space Station Five on his way to the moon in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey? Designed by Oliver Morgue in 1965, the name comes from a shape-shifting Islamic mythological spirit.


Knoll: Barcelona© chair in Tron

2. The Barcelona Chair by Knoll

Sexy as hell, an icon of the modern movement and one of my personal favourite pieces – the Knoll Barcelona chair designed by Mies van der Rohe – is a star performer in Tron:Legacy’s digital world “safehouse.” It’s one of the many films this stunning chair has been featured in, including a Bond or two. It’s an interesting choice by production designer Darren Gilford in his mission to create the digital-age decor for Tron, given that the chair was in fact designed in 1929. This is testament to the fact it’s a timeless classic and a genuine furniture icon.


The DS 600 ‘Non Stop’ sofa by de Sede

3. The DS 600 ‘Non Stop’ sofa by de Sede

A black version of the “longest sofa in the world” is seen loud and proud in the living room of The Hunger Games.

4. The carpet in The Shining

The hexagonal patterned carpet in the Overlook Hotel has a whole deep pile of conspiracy theories around it. Whatever Kubrick had in his mind, it’s etched in mine. Director Lee Unkrich also pays rightful homage to it in Toy Story 3.

5. The Arnolfo di Cambio whiskey tumbler

Deckard (Harrison Ford) is seen in Blade Runner drinking whiskey from what is surely the coolest whiskey glass ever made. Designed in 1974 the CIBI tumbler is a Double Old Fashion glass made from hand-blown crystal glass. They’re still in production by the Arnolfo di Cambio company, which was founded in Tuscany, Italy in 1963 and in the course of ten decades and three generations has become one of Italy’s leading glass manufacturers.

Film and Furniture is a running competitions to win two pairs of these glasses over on, hashtag #FF100BRunner on Twitter, from Friday 6 March


Arnolfo di Cambio: CIBI Double Old Fashion whiskey glass

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