Fred Tomaselli: Hang Over (Leaves, pills, acrylic, resin on wood panel. 84 × 120 in)

Work / Art

Fred Tomaselli’s huge explosions of colour and detail will boggle your mind, guaranteed

Caifornian born, Brooklyn-based artist Fred Tomaselli’s images are an utter explosion of detail; leaves, pills, images of eyes and mouths, and acrylic-painted forms drape, interlace, and overlap to reproduce incredible visuals that evoke fairy-tale illustration and freewheeling psychadelica alike. A graduate in painting and drawing, Tomaselli executes much of his massive work on wooden panels, bestowing the works with a bygone or otherworldly air. The forest scenes, birds, and landscapes are mesmerising enough, but keep zooming – and the image fragments into yet more discovery–- building-blocks of butterflies, herbs, photography. Woah.


Fred Tomaselli: Geodem (Leaves, photocollage, acrylic, gouache and resin on wood panel 24 X 24 inches)


Fred Tomaselli: Migrant Fruit Thugs (Photocollage, leaves, acrylic, gouache and resin on wood panel, 78 X 96 inches)


Fred Tomaselli: Abductor (Leaves, photocollage, acrylic and resin on wood panel, 96 X 78 inche)


Fred Tomaselli: Avian Flower Serpent (Leaves, Photocollage, Acrylic, Gouache and Resin on wood panel, 84 X 72 1/2 inches)


Fred Tomaselli: Big Eye (Photocollage, acrylic, resin on wood panel, 82 X 82 inches)