Fredrik Akum: Selected works

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Art: Embrace the heatwave and come lose yourself in Fredrik Åkum’s hazy summer portfolio

Right now we’d be lying to you if we said we were feeling the summer vibes in the studio. We’re really not (plus we hate the word “vibes”). We love the sunshine strolls and the afternoon ice creams but we’re not too enamoured with the torrentially sweaty backs and musky body odours that have become more prevalent here of late. Sorry if that’s a buzz kill but that’s just how we’re feeling – we’d really rather just be outdoors. One guy who’s taking our mind off that at the moment however is artist Fredrik Åkum, a Swedish painter and photographer whose work is overflowing with a sunny disposition.

Fredrik’s work is littered with the paraphernalia of childhood holiday adventures, all tropical plants, wistful silhouettes and hazy palettes. It’s like a scene from Swallows and Amazons had the book been set off the coast of San Francisco. So while we’re peeved to be trapped indoors mid-July we’re thankful that it’s enabled us to discover Fredrik and his magnificent portfolio.


Fredrik Åkum: Not My Hoop


Fredrik Åkum: Ode To The Loss


Fredrik Åkum: Plants


Fredrik Åkum: Flags


Fredrik Åkum: Anna-Lotta And Found Leaf


Fredrik Åkum: Stolen Plant


Fredrik Åkum: Our Island