Friday Mixtape: Father shares an ode to his second year of college

8 June 2017
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This week’s Friday Mixtape comes a day early as tomorrow the It’s Nice That team will be at our annual symposium, Here. Rather than deprive you of your weekend mix, here is a treat from Atlanta rapper Father, ahead of his performance at M.I.A’s Meltdown festival at The Southbank Centre next week (16 June 2017).

Father will perform as part of Awful Records’ Club Night hand picked by M.I.A. The three-hour rave will bring Atlanta and London underground culture together, under the umbrella of the experimentally influential Atlanta-based collective and label.


Father: I’m A Piece of Shit

Why have you picked these songs, what do they remind you of or make you feel?

In rap, technical skill has gone pretty unappreciated in the trap era, so this is just a playlist of some of the artists and songs that shaped my style when I first started writing. It’s really an ode to my second year of college, this is like the playlist for my year of neglecting class, fucking and learning about all the possibilities outside of just being another nigga in the matrix.

When or where should this mixtape be listened to?

I don’t know man, at the crib, in a chair.

What are you looking forward to about performing at Meltdown?

Killing shit with Keith Charles & Danger Incorporated. It’s one of the first performances I’ve had with The Danger Boys, so that’s pretty tight too. And I just love London in general, the architecture, weather, the bars.

What do you listen to while on tour?

When you’re on the road you end up listening to everything. All the current hits, classical, jazz, rap & R&B from every era imaginable, rock, punk, indie, electro, etc etc etc… You can’t stick to one thing for too long on the road or it’ll drive you insane.

If a film was to be made about you, what song would you choose for the trailer?

Bankroll Fresh’s Come Wit It.

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