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Friday Mixtape: a very rare mixtape from the one and only John Carpenter

A couple of weeks ago a very exciting e-mail dropped into our inbox saying that John Carpenter, one of the most successful directors and composers for cinema in history, had made It’s Nice That a Friday Mixtape.

Still in shock that we get to publish this from the living legend, this mixtape is created to celebrate John’s release, Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998, 13 classics from his endless catalogue, out today on Sacred Bones.

The theme for John’s mixtape is a collection of songs that he would never forget explaining: “I chose these songs because they made an impact when I first heard them. They etched a groove in my consciousness. They represent a time in my life. I love ‘em.”

Widely known as the master of horror, this mixtape is a sweet collection that maybe shows that the dark lord isn’t so dark?