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Friday Mixtape: Animator Steve Smith takes us from Kate Bush to Oneohtrix Point Never

Los Angeles-based animator Steve Smith has ridiculously high skills in building animated shorts that combine both the very weird and the very wonderful.

After first interviewing him and noting his inspirations were primarily Home Depot and his dog called Shoe, we’ve been intrigued by Steve ever since. This week we get to know him a little better through his music taste from Kate Bush to Oneohtrix Point Never.

It’s Nice That: Why have you picked these songs?

Steve Smith: They are great and they make me feel fantastic.

INT: When or where should this mixtape be listened to?

SS: Wait till it’s night then find the darkest part of your town and go for a walk there while you listen.

INT: Are there certain albums you listen to during your creative process?

SS: I’ve got this playlist of Japanese city pop from the ‘80s that’s great for working to. It’s either that, or Black Metal.

INT: What records did you listen to when you were a teenager?

SS: I was really into a genre of music called Pagan metal. It’s ridiculous. It would be a full metal band but then they’ll toss in bagpipes or a hurdy-gurdy, all of the lyrics are about gnomes and dwarves partying or battling. I also saw Avenged Sevenfold live five times, so I listened to those albums a tonne.

INT: If a feature film about your life was to be made, what song would be on the trailer and why?

SS: Haruomi Hosono’s version of Close to You where he replaces the word “You” with “I” and “Me”.