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Friday Mixtape: Vanessa Carlton and Godflesh combine thanks to The Beautiful Meme

A few weeks back, London-based creative agency The Beautiful Meme got in contact asking if its team could make us a Friday Mixtape. We said yes and expected the usual pumped-up, deck-building bangers focused mixtape we often hear – and love – from graphic design-leaning studios. The Beautiful Meme’s mixtape instead begins with Shakira’s timeless hit Wherever, Whenever, ends with Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out of My Head, and Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles makes a surprise appearance too.

So when we now picture The Beautiful Meme answering briefs from cultural giants like the V&A, tech staples Google and walking into a meeting with The British Council we, and now you, know the panpipes of Whenever, Wherever are looping in each team member’s heads.


The Beautiful Meme

It’s Nice That: Why have you picked these songs?

The Beautiful Meme: Everyone in the studio picked a couple of songs. It is a mix of the transcendental and the ridiculous, as is life.

INT: When or where should this mixtape be listened to?

TBM: Wakes and births.

INT: Are there certain albums you listen to during the different parts of your creative process?

TBM: No.

INT: What records are on constant rotation in The Beautiful Meme office?

TBM: The Shakira song gets played every couple of days. Kate Bush late at night.

INT: If a feature film about The Beautiful Meme was to be made, what song would be on the trailer and why?

TBM: Loving The Alien by David Bowie. Agencies should be aliens.