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Friday Mixtape: An after-show mix from The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips, the mind-altering, otherworldly group from Oklahoma has provided this week’s Friday mixtape!

It goes without saying that Flaming Lips’ shows are one of the most renowned performances in the world. Clad with confetti cannons and giant inflatables or Wayne Coyne gracing the stage on a neon unicorn, crowds walk away stunned and elated.

The band are currently on tour in light of their recent release, Ozcy Mlody, and created this mixtape to reflect their mood after the show. “Here is a playlist that we, The Flaming lips and crew, would be playing at 4 – 5am on the tour bus, cruising after a show in Europe somewhere…Still awake and energised from a concert, but trying to wind down before going to sleep,” they explain.

On asking Wayne and Steven the records they grew up listening to they honestly answered, “too long ago and too many to mention,” but their larger mixtape than usual is a genre varied, beguiling playlist encompassing their whole crew’s tastes. Their new record saw vinyl sleeve master Robert Beatty create the artwork in a rainbow coloured, glow in the dark gatefold package. Influenced “by the same usual suspects of inspiration,” Ozcy Mlody saw the band “checking out new hip hop and sub-bass heavy production stuff”.

The Flaming Lips don’t need any more introduction than that. Here is their playlist to wind down the week to and simultaneously power you up for the weekend.