Friday Mixtape: The Honey Hahs' mix of songs to get ready to, or if you're just feeling dancey

14 September 2018
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Last Friday South-London based band, The Honey Hahs released their first record Dear Someone, Happy Something. It’s a very sweet record, gentle, happy and joyful and is the result of Sylvie (11), Robin (12) and Rowan’s (16) joint and solo songwriting.

Below, the sisters have made this week’s Friday Mixtape of songs to listen to when you’re feeling dancey and getting ready for a night out.

It’s Nice That: Why have you picked these songs?

The Honey Hahs: They remind us of our trip to Paris, we played them in the hostel we were staying in and when we were making the Forever video. They make us feel happy because of their upbeat rhythms and their catchy tunes.

INT: When and where should this mixtape be listened to?

THH: With friends, when you are feeling dancey, getting ready to go out. Any time you want to enjoy listening to music.

INT: Can you us about your first album?

THH: It’s mostly songs I (Rowan) wrote when I was 12, but there are some I wrote with my sisters last year and some they wrote on their own! We recorded it with Steve Mackey, it seems a long time ago now. It was really fun in the studio. Some of the songs were just recorded without any changes, but on some, we added bass and drums.

I really hope we get to do some more recording as now we have all grown up a lot. Freida, our younger sister, thought of the name of the album. We found it on one of her drawings and thought it was funny and made sense for our album as when you record music it’s like you are giving someone something.

INT: What have you enjoyed listening to at the moment?

THH: At the moment we are in Spain on holiday, we like to go busking and play songs people know. The Beatles are really popular here so we have been learning a couple of their songs to busk, we don’t normally listen to The Beatles but we have enjoyed singing them a lot.

INT: If a film about The Honey Hahs was to be made what song would play on the trailer?

THH: One of our songs I guess, maybe Concrete or Shallow.

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