Friday Mixtape: a mix from semi-fictional and ever changing band, The Moonlandingz

17 November 2017
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Despite The Moonlandingz being a band for a number of years now, its fans still remain a little uncertain about what they actually are. A group of rotating members, they describe themselves as a “semi-fictional outsider ouija pop group featuring members of Fat White Family and The Eccentronic Research Council,” and never knowing whether its a band or a concept is part of the appeal.

To celebrate the release of their latest EP, This Cities Undone and a subsequent UK tour, founding member, songwriter and organ player/grinder Adrian Flanagan has curated a brilliant Friday Mixtape.

Why have you picked these songs?

This choice of songs is possibly where my head has been over the past hour. They’d probably be a completely different bunch of songs if I’d have compiled it an hour earlier or an hour later… They mainly reminded me that £9.99 is coming out of my Spotify account today and although I’ve a couple of albums and records that I wrote, I won’t be getting that £9.99 back off em!! It’s a shit business, lord knows why anyone would want to get into this lark as an occupation, yet, these tunes fill me with utter contempt!!

When or where should this mixtape be listened to?

Lying down, covered in goose fat, with a close personal friend tenderly stroking your inner groin with a feather off a kestrel.

Can you tell us a little about your new EP?

It’s the most criminally under appreciated record release of the century — the brightest star on the blackest of all nights!

What records have you been listening to when recording?

That question kind of suggests we listen to other people’s records and simply rip them off, which of course, there’s no point doing while Noel Gallagher exists… obviously, around this release we were listening to a lot of Scooter and the complete works of Barry Manilow!

What are you looking forward to about your upcoming tour?

I love that bit when the audience applaud you for walking on to a stage before you’ve even done owt. It’s very encouraging and should be done in all walks of life. Yer know, when you pop to the local post office, you walk in with a parcel and the post master and the other people in the queue applaud you for literally being able to walk half a mile without a tour manager; it would certainly help with my crippling self doubt. I am also fond of our Led Zeppelin circa 1972 style backstage refreshments such as a bottle of eggnog, a tin of Spam, some Baby Bells and a milk loaf, all nicely laid out on paper doilies in the shape of a pentagram!

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