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Friday Mixtape: Thomas Pratt curates a mix for a night out in the Bahamas

Thomas Pratt’s images of Cuba are ones we’ve kept coming back to time and time again. In November last year we caught up with Thomas after a recent trip to Santiago, photographing the musicians recording at a friend’s studio.

The result was a mix of story-telling portraits, hazy, dance and Guinness fuelled nights out and for this week’s Friday Mixtape, Thomas has curated us a soundtrack to these images.


Why have you picked these songs?

This is a collection of songs you may hear in a bar on one of the Outer Islands of The Bahamas.

When or where should this mixtape be listened to?

Ideally played in a Bahamian bar with a glass of Guinness and Buckfast (ratio 1:1), If that’s not possible it would be a good soundtrack to the royal wedding whilst tucking into a Victoria sponge.

Are there certain albums you listen to during the different parts of your creative process?

Usually, I will have one or two albums I listen to loads for a week played loud whilst cleaning dust off print scans. Currently Warren Zevon self-titled album and Roxy Music, Avalon are on heavy rotation.

What records did you listen to when you were a teenager?

N.W.A and Neil Young.

If a feature film about your life was to be made, what song would be on the trailer and why?

Freddie Gibbs’ Thuggin’ alongside slow-mo shots of me walking around Staines and Chertsey, then a drone shot zooming out to reveal the earth which starts spinning off its axis.