From Your Desks: Maya Fuhr (crop)

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This tremendous site shows us where art actually happens

We love sites like these: a simple idea, executed brilliantly and contributed-to by a host of fantastic creatives. From Your Desks is a website set up by Kate Donnelly that invites people in the art world to submit photographs of their workspace, which she then accompanies with a short but sweet interview about what they do. Personally, seeing the detritus surrounding someone’s desk gives me the same building curiosity as seeing inside their bedroom – it’s such an important, personal space and can be surprisingly revealing. There’s nearly 350 interviews on Kate’s site, and below we’ve picked a few photographs of the desks of some of our favourite artists including Adrian Tomine, Maya Fuhr, Christoph Niemann and Nat Russell. Enjoy!


From Your Desks: Maya Fuhr, photographer


From Your Desks: Nathaniel Russell, artist


From Your Desks: Christoph Niemann, illustrator


From Your Desks: Ian Stevenson, illustrator


From Your Desks: Charlotte Strick, art director of The Paris Review


From Your Desks: Adrian Tomine, illustrator