Gardar Eyjolffson: Hydro Morphosis


Gardar Eyjolffson: Hydro Morphosis

Work / Product Design

DesignMarch: Gardar Eyjolfsson

This model for a set of stairs uses the same magic technology as your fridge-freezer, in particular, the “grotto effect” that suspends your peas in ice till you move out and have to defrost the damn thing. The designer is Reykjavik-based Garder Eyjolfsson, and this work is as different to the project before in material, function and form as you could expect from someone who completed a masters in conceptual/contextual design. It’s a fascinating body of work that covers a spectrum of researched, technology-led pieces (like Hydro Morphosis, pictured) to finer, equivocal models that are more crafted conceptual art than product design.