Geoffrey Lillemon: Slut Trick (still)

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Art: Geoffrey Lillemon updates with some outlandishly NSFW oddities. Buckle up!

To say that Geoffrey Lillemon is an unusual character doesn’t really do him justice. The Dutch/American artist/designer produces work that’s about as bizarre as you’re likely to see. His website is a surreal, pornographic maze of disfigured characters and disturbing sounds that evoke the very basest curiosities and desires with macabre delight. In his own words, “Lillemon has consistently foregrounded the interplay between the digital and physical world in his work, blending traditional mediums (sic) with modern vfx capabilities to craft new worlds and fantasies.”

It all sounds very conceptual indeed, but Geoffrey and his team have had huge commercial success, collaborating with the likes of Adidas, Iris Van Herpen, MGMT and most recently Miley Cyrus (he co-directed her Bangerz tour visuals) which we suppose means that mainstream pop is getting a little bit weirder. And that’s OK by us!


Geoffrey Lillemon: Slut Trick (still)


Geoffrey Lillemon: Sheast Nips (still)


Geoffrey Lillemon: Sheast Nips (still)


Geoffrey Lillemon: Men’s Underwear Commercial (still)


Geoffrey Lillemon: Men’s Underwear Commercial (still)


Geoffrey Lillemon: Lipstick (still)


Geoffrey Lillemon: Pretty Pretty (still)