Collaged film posters for David Lynch and Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain

21 May 2015

George Douglas seems like a pretty cool guy – he’s chosen to immortalise David Lynch’s notoriously tricky Inland Empire and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s weird-as-hell surrealist classic The Holy Mountain in poster form, after all. But it’s not just his penchant for the peculiar side of celluloid we’re interested in – it’s his deft approach to collage, a medium often done shoddily but all the more impressive when done well. George is based in Edinburgh, and alongside his film posters he also creates well-composed works formed of abstract shapes and often murky colours, which could work just as well across the pages of a creatively minded commissioning editor’s publication as on more esoteric applications.

“I think of the whole world as being a collage, a collection,” says George. “Most of what we see around us is a composition made of the input of many different people. So using found imagery and manipulating it into my own visual language is, for me, the most direct way of responding to what I see and experience every day. I’m also starting to involve collecting quite heavily in my practice, whether I’m on the hunt for materials and photographs to use in my images, beach combing, or building up my charity shop knick-knack collections for inspiration.”


George Douglas: Untitled Landscape


George Douglas: Collector


George Douglas: The Holy Mountain


George Douglas: Inland Empire


George Douglas: Voyage Dans Le Lune


George Douglas: Risograph printed book Superbeasts

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