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Paris Hilton gives us the lowdown on where in the world is particularly hot

New York-based directors and brothers Gigi and Roy Ben Artzi kicked off their careers as fashion photographers before gradually moving into the world of moving image. Utilising the power of narrative, the duo’s filmmaking talents have led to commissions from the likes of Pop & Suki and Saint Jhn, most recently creating a film for the lifestyle shopping platform Semaine starring the one and only, Paris Hilton.

Playing on Paris’ key strengths, including her famous saying “That’s Hot”, the Hilton heiress takes us on both a geographical and fashion tour of what is and isn’t hot at the moment. By her standards, she credits New York with a tick on the Paris scale of hotness, but over here in London, the socialite is not impressed with our Brexit situation, and scathingly marks the capital city with a “not hot” accreditation. She goes on to say: “I’m 90 per cent sure it’s currently raining in the British capital” before strutting out of frame.

On working on the three-minute-short, Gigi and Roy tell It’s Nice That: “Paris is everything you would dream about and more.” They were approached by the film’s stylist, Alexandra Cronan who invited them to direct the project, and once the brothers received the script and deliberated on how they would execute the film, Gigi and Roy “thought it would be interesting to take a ‘hot’ household name and put her in a burning TV.”

“We explore the world together creatively, often travelling in each other’s minds,” explains the directing partnership on their intimate working methods. Known for their bold use of compositions paired with a strong portrayal of character, the brothers prefer to shoot on 16mm which gives their work an analogue touch. But for Hot Weather, they layered live-action shots of Paris against newsreaders weather infographics and moody artistic shots of Paris on 16mm. Punchily edited at a lively pace, the brothers deliver an entertaining narrative which hardly feels like a clothes sales opportunity and more like an ironic arthouse film. Either way, it’s a highly amusing film which plays on Paris’ famous personality, all accompanied by engaging visuals.


Gigi and Roy Ben Artzi: Semaine, Hot Weather


Gigi and Roy Ben Artzi: Semaine, Hot Weather


Gigi and Roy Ben Artzi: Semaine, Hot Weather


Gigi and Roy Ben Artzi: Semaine, Hot Weather