Giles Price: Olympic Stadium with Opening Ceremony being Constructed

Work / Photography

Giles Price’s stunning photographs of the Olympics mid-construction are must-see

With the world just about recovering from a summer spent being wonderfully bombarded with Olympic mania, to mention the games yet again has to take something pretty damn good. But rather fortunately, pretty damn good describes exactly Giles Price’s aerial photographs creatively documenting the construction of the Olympic site.

Putting a brand new light on the Olympics, using ultra advanced camera technology Giles was able to document – on an impressively elevated level – the huge physical effort behind this iconic summer. Capturing the intricacies and the precision of such an almighty task and making you see the Olympic Park as you have never seen it before, Giles’ photographs are absolutely stunning.


Giles Price: Hockey Pitch


Giles Price: Olympic Bridge and Concourse


Giles Price: Eton Manor – Disabled Tennis Courts


Giles Price: Aquatic Centre and Waterpolo Pool


Giles Price: River Lea Parkland Area


Giles Price: BMX Track and Velodrome


Giles Price: Olympic Village


Giles Price: Hockey Pitches and Media Centre