Giles Revell:

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Finding an unlikely beauty in fish guts courtesy of photographer Giles Revell

The flaccid carcass of a disemboweled fish is an unlikely subject choice when striving to create aesthetic beauty. It’s customary for our landlocked species to be at least a little phobic of our water-dwelling counterparts, owing both to their unappetising appearance and their putrid aroma. How refreshing then to be so drawn to the fishy still-lifes of photographer Giles Revell, commissioned for the most recent instalment of Port magazine (an edition entirely dedicated to food). But drawn we are, in spite of their milky eyes, slack jaws and explicitly visible intestines. So vivid are his images you can almost smell their salty tang in your nostrils. Bloody marvellous!


Giles Revell: John Dory


Giles Revell: Salmon


Giles Revell: Herring


Giles Revell: Mackerel