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Gonçalo Duarte’s series of naive gif posters for gigs and events

After several of graphic designer and illustrator Gonçalo Duarte’s music venue clients had been asking him for more poster artwork for upcoming gigs and events, he decided to adopt a different approach to the brief. “They end up only printing one copy, which they place by the entrance,” says Lisbon-based Gonçalo. “But in fact the biggest part of their promotion is actually happening on social media where my artwork has also started to appear,” says Gonçalo. “This led me to start thinking about posters with a web-focus built in.”

As a result, the designer now creates a range of gif posters, animating elements of his designs to bring them to life. Gonçalo usually animates the patterns, illustrations and graphics that surround the text giving the posters energy but still remaining communicative. Gonçalo’s posters use a pleasing palette of soft, sorbet shades and abstract shapes that add warmth and movement to his works. “My style comes from an attempt to combine animation, design and illustration,” he says. “As I continue the search to develop my own style, I see my posters as raw and almost naive.”

Gonçalo has been working freelance since 2015 and recently started to work at Lisbon-based publisher Stolen Prints. “We often do prints, posters and books for independent artists and local galleries,” he says.


Gonçalo Duare: Posters


Gonçalo Duare: Posters


Gonçalo Duare: Posters


Gonçalo Duare: Posters