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A very suggestive one minute film Yeah Just There by Grant Orchard

To celebrate their 15th birthday onedotzero – luminaries of the digital moving image realm – have commissioned a number of their filmmakers from over the years to create wallpaper making Granimator™ packs with app interface designers ustwo™.

One such contributor is Grant Orchard, the Academy-nominated and BAFTA-winning animator of A Morning Stroll. For his wallpaper creator app he developed a kit of suggestively sexy parts, entertaining for the jejune and the outright dirty, it’s a lot of fun to play with. To celebrate it’s eventual release (Apple initially rejected it for iTunes only to accept it a few months later), Grant has created a one-minute “saucy but harmless” Yeah Just There vector animation. Enjoy and potentially feign innocence if you’re questioned about your viewing habits at work.