Gwénola Carrerè: Pour la revue DADA – Illustration pour le numéro MADE IN RUSSIA (avril 2010)

Work / Illustration

Impossibly good illustrative folk vibes from the very great Gwénola Carrerè

Wonderful new work by Gwénola Carrerè, the Brussels-based illustrator with a Russian folk aesthetic that uses the stylistic restraints of silkscreen printing and a colour palette reserved for children’s books. Her latest poster work is for the Festival Solstice Arts du Cirque happening next week and it is an exemplar treat from a body of work that specialises in the vibrantly engaging graphics for modern musical folklorists and the like. Gwénola is a creative whose appeal covers children and adults, traditionalists and those who appreciate a good contemporary digital craft, which is very well likely down to her impossible knack for telling a story in a single frame.


Gwénola Carrerè: Festival Solstice Arts du Cirque


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Gwénola Carrerè: Alphaville


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