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Hannah Whitaker uses analogue photography techniques to display digitalised culture

Artist Hannah Whitaker has opened Live Agent, a show of new work at M+B gallery, Los Angeles.

Hannah’s works involve a multidisciplinary process, beginning with a sketch. These initial drawings are used by the artist to cut paper screens, which are then inserted into the camera during exposure. Each photograph is taken on a single sheet of 4×5 film, displaying each of the layered exposures she has exhaustively created by hand. The final images shown in the exhibition sometimes involve up to 30 screens and are completed over weeks of shooting and planning.

Hannah’s process has developed from an interest in various forms of automation, appropriating the process of punch cards used throughout the history of computing. “Similarly employing holes in paper, her screen sets can be thought of like computer programs – they can be run repeatedly, inputting different information to get a different output,” explains the gallery. “As a result, the show features multiple photographs shot with the same screens, compelling different content to adhere to the same visual schematic.”

The result are single pieces that encompass a range of digital imagery techniques, using analogue processes to display highly digitalised contemporary culture. The exhibition runs until 11 March, 2017.


Hannah Whitaker: Dangle 2


Hannah Whitaker: Five Hands 1


Hannah Whitaker: Dangle 1


Hannah Whitaker: 18 Hands


Hannah Whitaker: Five Hands 2


Hannah Whitaker: Right, Left


Hannah Whitaker: Live Agent


Hannah Whitaker: Live Agent


Hannah Whitaker: Live Agent