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Michael Fassbender in android viral for new Ridley Scott epic Prometheus

I thought the term “gripping” was only used by badger-like film critics born in the 1950s. I was wrong, just you try blinking while you watch this viral, directed by Johnny Hardstaff, for Ridley Scott’s much, much, much anticipated new film Prometheus. It’s a fine and brilliantly gauged two and a half minutes, shot in an aesthetic from an undefined era of science fiction, with a simple script delivered with total emotive brevity by an android called David (Michael “Should’ve won an Oscar for Shame” Fassbender). If this is the effect of a single viral (i.e. unutterably sinister – “I can carry out directives that my human counterparts might find distressing or unethical” shudder, shudder) then the full feature is likely to blind us all. Can’t wait!