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Here 2013 Speaker Profile: the many design facets of Erik Kessels

It’s difficult to know where to start with Erik Kessels due to the sheer variety of his work. For starters, Erik is the creative director of KesselsKramer, a world-renowned communications agency based in Amsterdam. Since 1996, he has built up an accomplished portfolio for national and international clients.

Erik’s personal projects are just as impressive, as an artist and photography collector, he has published various books of his ‘collected’ images. In Almost Every Picture is an ongoing series where Erik champions ordinary people going about their business – which are far from normal! His fascination with gathering photographs has extended to curating shows based around his archive. Album Beauty shown at the FOAM Gallery in Amsterdam, was an “ode to the vanishing era of the photo album” where he exhibited family portraits collected to create a “visual anthropology”.

Erik’s work is captivating to say the least, with plenty of playfulness thrown in for good measure. That playfulness also extends to KesselsKramer’s website. Tricking the innocent viewer, you either get KesselsKramer teeth whitening kit, their “amazing butterflies”, or the chance to sponsor a bird in their “Bird Paradise”. All fake of course. You can see some of KesselsKramer’s extensive portfolio on the Amsterdam AD Blog.


KesselsKramer: Lotte Yoga School advertisement


Erik Kessels: Album Beauty


KesselsKramer: Museum Minutes


KesselsKramer: Hans Brinker Hotel advertisement


KesselsKramer: Hans Brinker Hotel advertisement

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re over the moon to have Erik speaking at Here 2013. His talk – titled Don’t be scared to make mistakes! – will give us a unique insight into his inspirations and the process behind his creations. He will explore why making mistakes is a good thing and how your hobbies and storytelling should influence your work.

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