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Yes Fam! Great graphic design from H.Y.T. Studio

H.Y.T. is a graphic design studio that initially established as an avenue for artist and designer John Slade to showcase his commercial work. Since it began in 2009, the studio has grown an impressive client base that includes Tate Modern, Transport for London and Channel Four.

According to the studio, the stylistic output of H.Y.T. is an extension of John’s enjoyment for “bold, striking, often conceptual graphics and illustrations.” Their taste is evident in a recent series of graphics created for club night Vesuvio at The Social, a London bar run by Heavenly Recordings.

The collection of works include posters, flyers, GIFs and stickers each brilliantly bold in colour choices and typography. Using a primary colour palette, each poster, gif, or whatever medium the studio have put their magic hands to is full of vitality. H.Y.T.’s work displays the exact energy that graphic design for a club night should emulate.

To extend the series, H.Y.T. has just opened an exhibition of its works, Pass The Hot Sauce, also at The Social.


H.Y.T. : Vesuvio at The Social


H.Y.T. : Vesuvio at The Social


H.Y.T. : Vesuvio at The Social


H.Y.T. : Vesuvio at The Social