Andrea Wan: Fakelore Projection

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Andrea Wan’s enchanting drawings are spectacularly surreal and modern

The unpredictable work of Andrea Wan brings together a variety of contradictory imagery: feral jungles, luminous laptops and girls with teepees on their heads live side by side in perfect harmony, as if there was nothing weird about them coexisting on the same page. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver and now based in Berlin, Andrea must have been exposed to a variety of images and influences growing up, and it’s apparent in her enchantingly incongruous work. We love the surrealism of the illustrations as well as the hints of the modern: sloths with iPhones clamber around on stairways straight out of M.C. Escher, while cartoon ghosts balloon from brains. Containing hints of folklore and a dash of Mr Blobby, Andrea’s curious illustrations take you out of this world and straight into the realm of dream.


Andrea Wan: Fakelore Slowlife


Andrea Wan: Untitled


Andrea Wan: Untitled


Andrea Wan: Sleds


Andrea Wan: Dream On


Andrea Wan: Dream On


Andrea Wan: Untitled