Mike Perry: Broad City

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Illustration: Mike Perry’s kaleidoscopic images are popping up all over the place

It’s been two years since Mike Perry designed a Hawaiian shirt for us when we teamed up with ASOS, and now that we’re getting out this year’s Hawaiian tees we thought it the right time to catch you up on what the Brooklyn-based illustrator has been up to. And he’s been producing some very exciting, kaleidoscopic stuff for some great clients, and, as always, has found many surprising ways to spill out of the page, sneaking his illustrations into everyday objects and surroundings.

Perry’s done an animation for Comedy Central’s brand new Broad City, a chair design for AIGA’s centennial, a “Do Not Disturb” sign for an achingly hip East Village hotel, and his illustrations have crept and crawled their way into the editorial photos of a German newspaper supplement. They’re all fantastic, brimming with that same wit and evocative imagery we know and love, and radiating with clashing colours that seem to glow in the dark even when the lights aren’t turned off. Perry’s even had time to design his own picnic basket, complete with plates, napkins, blanket, cork screw, breadboard and even a pencil case, just in case Perry’s designs inspire you to make your own doodles when you’re out having lunch in the park.

On one of his new playful prints, Perry quotes the astronomer and popular science writer Carl Sagan, writing in big, bright, yellow bubbles that “Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.” Somehow Perry’s illustrations seem to take us to that somewhere, and even somewhere else altogether.


Mike Perry: Broad City


Mike Perry: The Standard


Mike Perry: The Standard


Mike Perry: S, Deutsche Zeitung Magazine 48


Mike Perry: S, Deutsche Zeitung Magazine 48


Mike Perry: S, Deutsche Zeitung Magazine 48


Mike Perry: Elephant


Mike Perry: Somewhere Something Incredible is Waiting to be Known


Mike Perry: Lounging!


Mike Perry: The Face of Nature!