Paula Troxler: For Werkspuren

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Paula Troxler’s incredible blend of crayon colours and German folklore

Paula Troxler’s lovely designs and illustrations come in all the colours of the crayon pack. Her work crosses several mediums, from zine-making and editorial work for German magazines to designing identities for jazz festivals and theatre productions, and in each and every one of her pieces she manages to retain the same charismatic playfulness that we cannot get enough of. We love all of her unpolished ink drawings and her whimsical posters that burst with life, character and hints of folklore.

The Zürich-based designer and illustrator also runs a project called Every Day a Drawing, which she has been doing for several years, and which has Paula creating a new little black and white fragment or doodle a day, and you can see the incredible results here. Paula’s work is wonderfully engaging, and it would definitely be difficult to pass up going to see a production that she’s designed the poster for, more of which can be (and definitely should be) viewed here.


Paula Troxler: Untitled


Paula Troxler: Stomach Focus


Paula Troxler: Untitled


Paula Troxler: Royal Bar


Paula Troxler: Leo Richter & das neue Erzählen


Paula Troxler: Poster


Paula Troxler: Untitled


Paula Troxler: Untitled