In Progress: Full Programme Announced

16 November 2011

The cold may be setting in but we have something to warm you up – the full programme for our one-day conference, In Progress, has just been announced! We’re delighted to confirm our line-up featuring inspirational speakers giving illuminating talks about groundbreaking ideas and projects from 2011, and how they might shape 2012 and beyond.
Speakers in order of appearance:

Sir John Sorrell, UK business ambassador for the creative industries, chairman of the Sorrell Foundation and founder of London Design Festival

Keynote Address

Sir John Sorrell opens up the day’s proceedings discussing why it’s a great time to be part of the creative industries. He has been a figurehead in championing great British design with a career spanning more than 40 years: he’s chaired both of the UK’s public design bodies, set up the Sorrell Foundation, founded and run Newell and Sorrell, one of Europe’s most successful design businesses, and created the London Design Festival, celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2012.

Tom Uglow, creative director of Google and YouTube, Europe

100 Things About Stuff

Tom Uglow leads Google’s Creative Lab in EMEA and has been instrumental in the delivery of three Gold Cannes Lions winning campaigns this year: Art Project, Life in a Day and Voice Search Outdoor. He’ll explore the epic range of creative potential that exists online, looking back at some of the best and most interesting projects of 2011 and what this might lead to in 2012.

Mills, director of ustwo

The fear and fun of creating apps

Mills aka chief wonka and Lennermo (head of publishing at ustwo), will look at the past, present and future of ustwo™’s own app development initiatives, including this year’s hits Nursery Rhymes with Storytime, Whale Trail and PAPERCUT, sharing lessons learnt on the long path to Succailure™ (as they call it) and their search for App Store domination, fortune and glory. They will contemplate the future of digital innovation and how consumers will navigate the vast world of digital content.

Lindsey Hilsum, international editor at Channel 4 News

Libya In The Time of Revolution: Twitter, Facebook and Street Art

Lindsey Hilsum has covered most major conflicts of the last 20 years, including Iraq, Kosovo and Rwanda and recently won One World’s prestigious Journalist of the Year award 2011 for her coverage of the Arab Spring. She will discuss the genesis of revolution in Libya, including the role of social media and the resurgence of creativity in a previously censored nation.

Moira Sinclair, executive director (London) for the Arts Council

Artists Taking the Lead

Moira Sinclair will take us through the Arts Council 2012 programme and talk about how the relationship between the public and the arts will evolve in the coming year. Moira has been responsible for the support and development of the arts throughout the capital since 2008. She leads for the Arts Council on London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and Philanthropy.

Andrea Francke, co-founder of The Piracy Project

The Piracy Approach

Andrea Francke will discuss the potential of piracy to foster innovation and creativity. The Piracy Project explores the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy and creative modes of reproduction. With talks, workshops and an open call for pirated book projects they develop a critical platform for issues raised by cultural piracy.

James Bridle, founder of Bookkake

Mucking about in the borderlands

James Bridle is a highly-acclaimed writer, publisher and artist based in London. Equally interested in pushing boundaries in publishing on and offline. In the last ten years he’s seen plenty of attention paid to the way digital networks and formats change human behaviour, and less to the effect they have on cultural objects. James will consider hybrid artefacts that inhabit the space between pre and post-digital culture.

Matt Jones, principal of BERG

Gardens and Zoos

Matt Jones has been delivering exceptional digital products and services for over fifteen years, and was recognised as one of Wired ‘s top 100 2011. Looking at games, science-fiction and BERG’s own work (including a top project to be unveiled in 2012) — he attempts to find out what happens when technology acquires a (tiny) mind, motives and behaviours. Rather than treating technology as a tool or an extension of ourselves can or should we think of it as alive?

Tony Davidson & Kim Papworth, global partners, W+K

Trying to Catch a Fast Moving Train

Tony and Kim have worked together for over 20 years. They joined Wieden + Kennedy in 2000 and have since helped create some of the most admired communications for numerous brands including notable campaigns such as Nike’s Run London and Honda’s Power of Dreams. They will discuss the challenges of keeping up with the ever-changing media landscape, whilst remaining culturally relevant and emotionally engaging.

Kate Stanners, creative partner, Saatchi & Saatchi

Brands in People’s Hands

Kate Stanners passionately advocates the practical application of creativity in transforming business. Using examples from this year’s award-winning campaigns, Kate will discuss an approach to advertising that is inclusive, integrated and popular, involving live events and audience interaction to develop brand narratives.

Katrina Dodd, editor, Contagious

Most Contagious 2011

Despite six years immersed in marketing, technology and popular culture at Contagious Communications, Katrina remains healthily suspicious of mobile phones and Facebook. She’ll be taking us on a brisk spin through the most significant global trends, technologies and marketing campaigns to emerge over the last year and what to look out for in 2012.

Emer Coleman, director of digital projects at the Greater London Authority

A  Digital Infrastructure Fit for the Future

If Emer Coleman had it her way we would all take a much more open approach to data. She’ll explain why this can enable innovation and the practical benefits it can have for society, as well as the UK’s economy. Emer was recently named in Wired’s top 100 digital influencers 2011.

Paul Pieroni, exhibitions curator, SPACE

Some rough coordinates for the self contradiction of ‘Post-Internet Art’

Paul Pieroni was the associate director of east London contemporary art gallery SEVENTEEN between 2007 and 2011. Post-internet art is a term that can be given to art which is aware of the internet’s game-changing cultural effects. Exploring ideas such as deceleration, neo-plasticity and luddism, Paul will ask: how might post-internet art contradict itself in the coming years?

David McCall, director, Hyper Island UK

Mash-Up: the future of Industry-led education

It wouldn’t make sense to look to the future without looking at education. Aided by Hyper Island students, David McCall presents an interactive session of revolutionary ideas, proposing alternatives to traditional platforms. Hyper Island’s cutting-edge interactive design programme launched in the UK this year, following previous successes with its Sweden design school offering a unique learning environment.

Shane Walter, co-founder and director of onedotzero

onedotzero_adventures in progress: 15 years on the digital frontline

After celebrating 15 years of influencing and championing digital culture, new talent, and new modes of working, onedotzero has built up audiences and creators worldwide, delivering 100 international projects annually including festivals, productions and blockbuster museum shows. But set to lose all its Arts Council funding in 2012, how will the onedotzero model change over the coming year – will the adventure continue?

Chris Dercon, director, Tate Modern

In conversation with It’s Nice That

Chris Dercon joined the Tate Modern in April this year, bringing with him a wealth of experience in curation and the international arts markets gained over his illustrious career. Chris will be in conversation with It’s Nice That, closing the conference with a discussion about the state of the arts in the UK and the exciting developments ahead.

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