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Inès Longevial’s deliciously rich geometric paintings

We fell for Inès Longevial’s geometric abstraction paintings a couple of years ago and it’s a delight to see her continue and expand her practise.

Inès’ painting ability allows her to capture the beautiful minor details, such as the elegant folds in piles of clothes to lightly blushing cheeks. This eye for the smaller features is a result of the artist’s practice, “I’m painting over time and everywhere,” she tells It’s Nice That. “Everything I do, I do it thinking about what I’m going to paint.”

The artist’s painting also have a richness due to her choice in tools. “At the moment I draw a lot of with pencil and oil pastels. I finish with the oil painting.” Inès’ luscious colour palette is an element that she says comes to her naturally, “according to my desires and what I feel and what I’m living, and depending on the tubes I have close at hand”.

In terms of influences Inès looks to familiar surroundings, “principally my family and friends that I admire,” she explains. “I work a lot on myself, my childhood in the south of France, and my Spanish origins. What I know the best is myself.”


Inès Longevial


Inès Longevial


Inès Longevial


Inès Longevial


Inès Longevial