Oliver Uberti; Mina Liu: What’s in a Surname?

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The inaugural Information is Beautiful infographic shortlist is great

There’s so much top-quality infographic work appearing all the time that it was anomy ever a matter of time before someone decided that this area of visual communication needed its own awards. Luckily for all of us it’s the excellent David McCandless and his Information is Beautiful agency that have stepped up to the plate so we could rest assured the process was going to have integrity, and the just-released shortlist for the inaugural gongs is a humdinger. There’s six categories – data visualisation, infographic infodesign, interactive visualisation, data journalism, motion infographic and tool or website – and from climate change and immigration to someone’s CV and this history of science fiction there’s a an eclectic wealth of great work on offer.

There are some familiar projects on show (like the Fat or Fiction foodie infographic we covered earlier this year but there’s plenty of stuff we’d never come across too, so whether you’re an infographic anorak or just a sporadic enthusiast this site is well worth some of your time.

The winners will be announced at the end of September.


Esquire Magazine: Body Parts


Larry Gormley: Genealogy of US Airlines


Robert Rouse: A Visual Harmony of the Gospels


Hyperakt: Deroy Peraza, Eric Fensterheim, Josh Smith: The Opportunity Gap


Peter Ørntoft: Refugees and Immigrants


Moritz Stefaner, Dario Taraborelli and Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia: Notabilia


Paulo Estriga: Infographic CV


Lybba: Where Your Money Goes


Andreas Braendhaugen, Gregor Hochmuth, Sarah Nahm: Profitable Colours


Ward Shelley: The History of Science Fiction