Inge Jacobsen: Dazed and Confused: July 2011

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Inge Jacobsen gives Beyonce a woollen make-over with her beautiful embroidery

If you, along with pretty much the entirety of the human population, think Beyonce is the epitome of cool, then take a moment to consider Beyonce embroidered. Yes embroidered. For whilst we can all appreciate Beyonce’s goddess-like attributes, her mane of glossy hair and those oh-so-slightly risque dance moves, it is artist Inge Jacobsen’s woollen additions that make Beyonce’s aura of cool enter a whole new level.

And it’s not just Beyonce at the receiving end of such wondrous creativity. From the celebrities centre stage on the front covers of magazines, to the models found in advertisements and lining glossy fashion spreads, Inge has embroidered, collaged and cut them all.

Describing herself as a London-ish based artist, her stunning and refreshingly out-of-the-box portfolio in her own words “seeks to intervene in this overwhelming consumption from the mass produced and alter it to create something unique”, and using women’s fashion magazines, newspapers and most bizarrely, pornographic images to make up the main body of her work, we don’t think she can possibly get much cooler.


Inge Jacobsen: Model Arizona Muse British Vogue cover de-constructed


Inge Jacobsen: British Vogue, May 2006 (back)


Inge Jacobsen: Cara Delevingne on the cover of i-D magazine


Inge Jacobsen: Lindsay Lohan from ‘LOVE’ magazine behind Armani 2012 ad


Inge Jacobsen


Inge Jacobsen