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Introducing: Martial arts tennis and hairy brushes from the excellent Jack Beveridge

When you’re given the label “Graphic Designer” upon entering your first year at university, it’s a struggle to think of ways to communicate your ideas using anything other than some choice pieces of typography and laboriously constructed grids. There’s an implication of limitation that’s intimidating to young practitioners and arguably stifles their creativity pretty early on. Not so for Jack Beveridge, who seems to laugh in the face of traditional graphic design in favour of exploring more exciting territories.

Jack’s just completed his second year at Kingston University and has produced a massive range of projects that range from the absurd to the downright weird – but they’re all VERY good. Take his hairbrush for example; who wouldn’t want a hairbrush flocked with real human hair? It just makes sense. Likewise his nightlights made in the form of luminescent London shop signs are simple but brilliant. And Tai-Chi Tennis? We’ll you should probably just watch it and find out for yourself.

Jack’s also damn good at answering questions succinctly. Witness this skill below…

Where do you work?

I did a placement at Magpie Studio in my first year at Kingston. I was only meant to be there for two weeks but I somehow managed to stay on for most of the summer. I’ve gone back a few times now and really love it there! But I’ve just finished my second year so don’t really work anywhere at the moment…

How do you work and how has that changed?

I studied fine art on foundation, so doing graphic design at BA was a bit of a shock, but I try not to take anything too seriously. I’ve learnt to play and think with my hands as well as my head. I always try to spark a conversation or make people smile with my work – the world’s too boring to be safe.

How does your working day start?

Milk and two sugars.

Where would we find you when you’re not at work?

If it’s a sunny day, probably on the tennis court. I’ve just started teaching my girlfriend how to play, so I find myself running about more than her these days!

Would you intern for yourself?

I guess it could be handy to have someone make me tea in the morning…


Jack Beveridge: Nightlights


Jack Beveridge: Nightlights


Jack Beveridge: Nightlights


Jack Beveridge: Nightlights


Jack Beveridge: Hairbrush


Jack Beveridge: Hairbrush


Jack Beveridge: Hairbrush


Jack Beveridge: Hairbrush