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Introducing… Student graphic designer and maker of cool things, Rasmus Ohlson

Sometimes in this business you stumble across images that you’re immediately drawn to and then can’t find out who was responsible for creating them. So it was with Rasmus Ohlson, whose marbled book project has sat on my desktop for months in a folder of anonymous images that I’ve been meaning to research. Then two weeks ago, miracle of miracles, I stumble across his website and months of anguish are brought to an end.

Rasmus is a graphic design student in his third year of study at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, and the man responsible for the aforementioned books. He’s weeks away from graduation, so busy slaving away on final projects, but he managed to take a few minutes out of his rigorous schedule to answer a couple of questions and talk us through his daily routine.

Over to you, Rasmus….


Rasmus Ohlson: The Histories


Rasmus Ohlson: The Histories

Where do you work?

Right now I study BA in visual communication at Beckmans College of Design. But I’m currently looking into the possibility of working or collaborating abroad after graduation this spring. 

How does your working day start?

It usually starts with coffee and some internet surfing, trying to find something new and exciting that will inspire me during the day. 

How do you work and how has that changed?

I like working in a playful and naive way. I have always been interested in art and illustration. Nowadays I´m more into graphic design and try to incorporate my style into this new form of expression. 

Where would we find you when you’re not at work?

Sometimes I escape Stockholm and return to my hometown, Gothenburg, to hang out with friends.
Maybe you’ll find me in a gallery somewhere, enjoying art and life. 

Would you intern for yourself?

Of course, It would be a great opportunity to be absolutely free!


Rasmus Ohlson: The Histories


Rasmus Ohlson: The Histories


Rasmus Ohlson: The Histories


Rasmus Ohlson: Nicolai Dungers, ÅÄÖ


Rasmus Ohlson: Nicolai Dungers, ÅÄÖ


Rasmus Ohlson: Nicolai Dungers, ÅÄÖ


Rasmus Ohlson: Nicolai Dungers, ÅÄÖ